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Zebra Blinds and Shades for Your Home Decor

Shades are one of the most versatile methods for adding style to any room in your home, but what about when you want a little more color than just the color wheel will allow? Zebra blinds and shades offer modern styles and a sense of whimsy that can be customized to match your personality.

The name comes from the alternating black and white slats, which make them resemble the pattern found on the coats of zebras. They are also sometimes called Dutch Weave or Zweigart blinds, after the German manufacturer, who popularized them as home décor.

How Do Zebra Blinds Work

This shade style is an alternative to the solid color blinds or shades you may use. The slats, typically made from plastic, are arranged side by side in an alternating pattern covering the window’s outer frame.

Typically, zebra blinds are thicker than other shades and come with either acrylic or faux wood finishes. They are great options for larger windows since each slat is wider than on more traditional styles.

Bold Zebra Blinds: How Do They Complement Modern Home Designs

Even though it might seem like they don’t match anything, zebra blinds are perfect for modern home designs. This is because the pattern adds visual interest without overwhelming the eye, primarily when bright colors are combined with white or natural wood finishes.

This lets you experiment with different color combinations that will still allow your furniture to stand out. You can even use them for window treatments in the kitchen to give your décor a clean, modern touch.


As home décor has become more sophisticated, so have zebra blinds and shades. Now, they can be customized to suit your different light control and privacy requirements.

For instance, if you want to sit in your living room while it’s still light outside but keep your privacy for nighttime activities or nap time, you can opt for a white faux wood finish.

Consider using a more opaque fabric for the bedroom if you don’t want too much natural light during the day. The same goes for different textures, which will make your zebra blinds feel more like a luxurious fabric and less like an industrial-style window treatment.

Zebra blinds are also great for children’s rooms since they have safety features that don’t compromise design aesthetics. The slats are separated enough so that little fingers won’t get stuck or injured and allow parents to control how much light is needed into the room.

Color and Style Options

Zebra blinds come in a variety of colors so that you can match them to almost any existing décor style. They are available in bold hues and more subtle colors to work with your color palette and avoid looking too busy. You can also use them as curtains instead of shades for a splash of color on the walls.

Kamir Blinds Will Help You Find the Right Type of Zebra Blinds and Shades for Your Home

Whether you need them to block the light, add privacy to your kitchen, or make a bold statement in one of your rooms, zebra blinds are an ideal way to warm up the look of any modern home.
At Kamir Blinds, we cater a variety of shades and blinds that will suit a client’s home décor. Contact us today at 954-964-0610

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