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installing zebra roller blinds
Things To Know Before Installing Zebra Roller Blinds

Motorized or standard zebra blinds are stylish and make the perfect addition to any room. Unlike shades and curtains, zebra blinds don’t allow the entry of excess light or offer excess visibility into the room even if left open. Therefore, zebra roller blinds may be the perfect choice for your bedroom.

While high-quality zebra blinds are easy to maintain and durable, they tend to be more prone to damage than drapes or shades. Buying from a window treatments provider who sells high-grade zebra blinds will minimize the risk of damages.

Available in Different Materials

Homeowners can buy zebra blinds in a range of fabrics. Alternatively, homeowners can even choose wooden zebra blinds. The type of material you choose for zebra blinds should depend on your requirements. Also, you can buy zebra blinds in technical and translucent fabrics that offer better visibility allowing entry of light even when the blinds are shut.

If the bedroom has insufficient ventilation, it may be best to choose sheer or partially sheer zebra blinds. Most fabric blinds let in some light even when shut. You can also have wooden blinds, leaving them partially open to let in some light, making your bedroom look sleek and stylish.

Light Control

These blinds comprise horizontal wooden or woven lines with gaps. If you leave shades or curtains open, your bedroom will most likely be flooded with light in the morning. Hence, light control and filtration are possible even if they are left open. They work as an effective sunshade and adjust them to their comfort levels.

You can raise them to their valance if you want complete control. If bright sunlight wakes you up too early in the morning, you can shut the blinds with a click on your phone or a press on your remote.

You may choose motorized zebra roller blinds offered by advanced companies. Homeowners may control these blinds with their smartphone apps, home automation devices, or remote control.


Zebra blinds offer privacy in the daytime when they are left open; however, at nighttime, they do not provide outsiders with an unobstructed view into your bedroom. You may need to shut off the blinds entirely if you want total privacy.

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