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Quality Window Treatments

At Kamir Blinds and Shades, we believe that worth of a company is known with the quality of its products! And by religiously following this philosophy for over 13 years we have always strived to find even the smallest areas for improvements and increase the quality of our products. That is why we have managed to dominate the window treatment industry of South Florida and we still firmly abide by this philosophy.

We have a line of beautiful and practical window dressings that can be tailored for individual preferences. From draperies to roller shades, you can find all kinds of window treatments in a variety of colors, sizes, designs, and functions, have a look at a few of our star products below:

Roller Shades

Roller Shades/Screens

A very convenient and versatile solution for big and small windows that opens and closes with just a pull of a chain. Roller Shades serve the purpose of filtering the light to not only save you from the harsh UV rays of the brutal Miami sun but also create a calm and relaxing environment in your home. At Kamir Blinds and Shades, we have a wide range of colors and patterns available in roller shades to offer you versatility with greater light control.

Blackout Shades

With the rise in temperature every year, you need a practical solution to protect yourself from the high intensity of sunlight and if you also enjoy privacy then blackout shades are just for you. Though Roller shade also provides protection against the harsh rays of the sun, it doesn’t offer complete privacy. This is where our revolutionary Blackout Shades come for the rescue. We have these shades in an array of fabric styles, colors, and opacity levels enabling you to get just the window treatment you want for your home or office.

Window Treatment Shades, Blinds & More
Window Treatment Shades, Blinds & More

Motorized Shades & Home Automation

Modern times demand modern solutions which is why we have the motorized shades and blackouts that you can conveniently open and close with just a push of a button. Whether you want the Blackout Shades or the roller shades, we can facilitate you with a motorized version. This solution is now available to work with Alexa and Google Home products for a full home automation solution.

Window Treatment Shades, Blinds & More

Zebra Shades

The zebra is one of the most unique looking creatures in the wild kingdom. Its distinctive black and white stripes make it a standout on the plains of its native habitat. The sheer, light filtering shades that share its name are a standout, too. That’s why if you’re on the hunt for an upscale look that makes a dramatic design statement, zebra shades are the custom window treatment for you.

There’s nothing plain about zebra shades. Designed to dazzle (did you know that’s what a group of zebras is called?), they’re unique in both style and function. Soft, sheer layers and elegant textured fabric give these transitional window treatments clean, bold lines. Like the different stripe patterns on zebras, they come in a number of different colors to fit any décor. They’re the perfect complement to contemporary and minimalist interiors.

Zebra Blinds
Window Treatment Shades, Blinds & More

Vertical Blinds

A very elegant and practical solution for covering large windows and glass doors. These blinds have vertical slats that are separated in a way that nothing is attached to them allowing you to easily part them and take a gander outside. Besides enabling you to have a quick peek, these vertical blinds also provide you with a vintage look as these were very popular from the 1960s to 1990s. We have a wide variety of meticulously designed Vertical blinds that not only maintain your privacy but also provide your room with a refreshing look.

Let Us Help You Achieve a Perfect Look

It goes without saying that aesthetics are as much essential as the functionality of a product which is why we first consult with our clients to know their taste and then craft a product that is the epitome of beauty and practicality. So if you want to make your home or office both comfortable and stylish then call us, lets set up a consultation date.

Window Treatment Shades, Blinds & More

Competitive Pricing

Besides durability and high quality, we are also leaders in this area. We believe customers are satisfied when they get optimal quality with affordable pricing which is why we have very competitive rates.

Window Treatment Shades, Blinds & More

Personalized Service

Getting to know what our customers exactly want is a major part of our job which is why we offer tailored service. Try us and we will leave no stones unturned in satisfying you.

Window Treatment Shades, Blinds & More

Established Business

We have been striving and thriving in the industry for past 13 years and we plan on doing so for the many years to come which is why offering quality products is our number one priority.

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