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Nursery Shades Can Make Your Child Sleep Better

Getting your child adjusted to a regular sleeping schedule is no easy feat, and it can be made harder when the nursery isn’t optimized for it. Often, your child could be woken up during the night and unable to fall back asleep because of disturbances in the room or outdoors.

When you’re considering making changes to the nursery to optimize it better so your child can adhere to a regular sleeping schedule, getting the ideal nursery shades is crucial. Children are wired the same way adults are, which means that light and darkness are good indicators for them to know when it’s time to be awake or asleep.

Installing Blackout Roller Shades for Windows

If you’re looking for window treatments that can completely block out the light from outside, getting blackout roller shades is ideal. Not only will they be able to eliminate any light in the room, but they also come in a variety of colors that can be matched to suit the interior of your nursery.
Roller shades come in many variants, and if you’re worried about your child pulling on any dangling cords, you can always opt to have completely motorized roller shades. Not only are they completely safe for children, but they are also more convenient for you to use as well.

Reduce Disturbances Around the Nursery with Shades

Many nursery shades are translucent and not completely opaque, which can make your child distracted since they can see movements out of their windows. When you install roller shades, outdoor movements are not visible to your child, and they can fall asleep quickly.

It can also be helpful for when your child wakes up during the night because they won’t be distracted by shadows, light flickers, or curtain movements when you have roller shades installed.

Keep the Temperature Stable Through Insulating Shades

Children are more sensitive to temperature changes than adults, making them prone to waking up even if there is a slight increase or decrease in temperature.

To maintain a constant temperature throughout the night, you should invest in draperies or roller shades with good insulation features. It ensures that the room temperature is being minimally affected by other rooms or even the outdoor temperature.

Need an Expert to Install Nursery Shades? Our Technicians Are Here to Help

When you need the best nursery shades available to make your child stick to a consistent sleeping schedule, trust our experts at Kamir Blinds to help you through the process. From choosing the ideal shades to the installation process, every step is catered for your ease and convenience.

Serving customers all over South Florida, Kamir Blinds prides itself in delivering the best window treatments that are personally customized for each customer. They have garnered the trust of their clients because of their flexibility when it comes to delivering optimized window treatments for each home. Call 954-964-0610 to book your consultation today.

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