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Motorized Black Out Roller Shades Can Help You Save on Utility Bills

The demand for automated window shades in the US is growing every year. Several homeowners are shifting from traditional window treatments to automated treatments as they offer convenience, durability, and style. Also, motorized blackout roller shades can block out light entirely from your living space, helping you save on utility bills.

You can roll the motorized shades up or down to let in as much light as you want. These shades come in a range of attractive colors, patterns, and fabrics. Also, these innovative window treatment companies even offer roller shades that you can control with your smartphones.

Indoor Lighting

Automated shades help you adjust the level of indoor lighting. You can let in natural light by rolling the shades up thoroughly using a remote control, switch, or your phone. Experts from the window treatment company may help you analyze your indoor lighting requirements and help you choose appropriate roller shades.

South Florida has warm, pleasant weather most of the year. Therefore you may not need additional electrical lighting during the day. If you want to limit the amount of light that enters your home during the day, you can adjust your shades to let in less light.

Advanced motorized blackout roller shades may even come with capabilities that allow users to “preset” lighting preferences. The shades will adjust themselves automatically with the help of home automation devices like Google Home and Alexa.

The home automation device can assess the position of the sun. You can control the shades using these devices or your smartphone. Therefore, you will generate savings on utility bills by helping you minimize the use of electrical lighting.

Heating and Ventilation

Motorized roller shades offer more precision and convenience than standard roller blades. Homeowners can choose between complete blackout settings, dim lighting, and full open settings. Additionally, the shades can also help you minimize the use of your air conditioner or heater. You can leave the shades fully open during winter and other cold months to let in natural heat energy from outdoors. You can shut the shades entirely in the evening to trap the heat energy indoors for a period.

During summer, you may leave the shades shut-in “blackout mode” to prevent heat energy from getting in. Blackout roller shades will keep your South Florida home cool during summer days. You may leave the shades open at night when the temperature drops to let out the heat through the windows.

Hence, the load on your HVAC unite will be considerably lower. You may control the blinds easily using your smartphone or remote control. Shades that come with Bluetooth integration features have Bluetooth remotes. You can control the motorized shades from any room in the house.

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Motorized blackout roller shades can help you save on utility bills. Explore our range of durable, high-quality motorized roller shades at Kamir Blinds and Shades Inc by visiting our website or calling at 954-964-0610.

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