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Whether you need to have a few moments of privacy or set the room’s environment as per your mood, you need to adjust the shades accordingly. The amount of light that comes inside the room decides how you will feel in the next hours. Bright rooms make you feel energetic, but if it is dark, you will start getting sleepy.

Similarly, if you are with your partner and the room has dim lights, you’ll get more romantic. So if shades are that much important in our life, then why not leverage technology to upgrade them? With our shade automation technology, you can now control the shades using just your voice.

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Create Your Scenery and Save Time

Our smart shades can be connected to your home assistants like Alexa or Google Home to assist you with your shades and adjust them accordingly throughout the day with the sun’s position.

Furthermore, you can configure the shades to move to specific positions with particular commands. For instance, you might want to enjoy a candlelight dinner with your partner and need the room to be dimmed. You can set the specific position of the shades and connect this position with a specific command, let’s say ‘Candlelight Dinner.’ In that setting mode, your shades will automatically move into the preset position. You can also control your shades via the Controller app on your mobile.

Turn Old Shades Into Smart Shades

Besides getting the new automated smart shades, we have the technology to turn your old ones into smart ones. We can install a motor in your shades and connect it to the Controller app on your mobile. This will allow you to control the shade from the mobile app.

But that’s just not it! We can go further and connect that motorized shade to your home assistant. And this way, you can control it using voice commands as well.

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Let's Move Towards a Smart Future with Home Automation

The convenience of adjusting the shades to preset positions and not having to sit up and manually adjust them makes getting the automated smart shades worth every penny. If you are ready to take control of the shades and move them around using your voice, then feel free to give us a call at 954-964-0610.

Smart Shades Installed & Serviced By Us

We manufacture smart shades in different kinds of fabrics including technical and translucent fabrics. The best part of our smart shades is that you can select the fabric and other materials for your shades providing you complete control over the level of duskiness you need inside your room to better enjoy your time of relaxation.

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Competitive Pricing

Besides durability and high quality, we are also leaders in this area. We believe customers are satisfied when they get optimal quality with affordable pricing which is why we have very competitive rates.

Window Treatment Shades, Blinds & More

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Getting to know what our customers exactly want is a major part of our job which is why we offer tailored service. Try us and we will leave no stones unturned in satisfying you.

Window Treatment Shades, Blinds & More

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We have been striving and thriving in the industry for past 13 years and we plan on doing so for the many years to come which is why offering quality products is our number one priority.

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Established Business


We Specialize in the Planning and Installation of Window Treatments.

Kamir Blinds and Shades, a company that started 13 years ago as a small window treatment business in South Florida has now developed into one of the best in the window treatment industry. The reason behind our explosive success and being a trailblazer is the level of trust that we have maintained with all of our clients over the years.

We believe aesthetics and practicality go hand in hand which is why we always strive to come up with window dressings that are in line with the modern trends without compromising their functionality.

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