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Custom Roller Shades
Custom Roller Shades

Blinds and shades in a home provide both comfort and privacy, and no one like Kamir Blinds and Shades Inc knows best. Servicing Southern Florida for 13 years, their level of trust and professionalism makes them a great choice for meeting all of your blind and shade needs. Also, the company has a wide collection of blinds to choose from that will fit all Florida homes.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds aren’t only convenient and easy to use; they add a level of artistic taste to any home. Kamir Blinds and Shades has roller shade styles that will protect you from harmful sun rays and help to keep your home cool while providing the privacy we all desire in our homes. As all homes are different, one style does not suit every home. Luckily, our variety of sizes, colors, and styles make it easy to choose what works best in your home. Roller blinds are effective and easy to use. With just a light pull of a chain, you can easily control these blinds and protect yourself from the strong Florida sun.

Why Choose Kamir Blinds and Shades?

Our blinds will give you a sense of comfort with a harmonious atmosphere in your entire home. Our shades are versatile and help to control the light throughout your entire house. Meeting our client’s needs is our top priority, so we do all we can to make the decision process uncomplicated and straightforward.

Not only does Kamir have a variety of blinds and shades to suit any home, but we also offer a free in-home consultation. This offers a great advantage to give you an idea of how our blinds could work for you before you ever have to spend a penny. We understand that it isn’t always easy to have a clear vision in mind until you speak with an expert.

Custom Roller Shades by Kamir Blind & Shades Inc.

We can give you an idea of how it would pan out and how we can make it work to meet your needs. If you want blinds and shades that add to the look and privacy of your home, contact us at 954-964-0610 to schedule a free in-home consultation.



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