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Consider Automated Shades For Your Windows

Homeowners can control automated window treatments using remote controls, smartphone apps, or home automation devices. You can also set different speeds and light adjustment levels based on your preferences. Innovative window treatment companies sell shades with Bluetooth integration features. Therefore, homeowners can control these shades from any area of the house.

Understand Your Requirements

Whether you choose zebra shades, blackout shades, or fabric roller shades, the type of window treatment you choose for your window should align with your needs. For instance, if your house has poor ventilation that lets in minimal natural light, it’s best not to invest in blackout shades.

Conversely, if your house is well ventilated, blackout shades will give you reasonable control over the amount of light that enters your home. You may also decide if you want advanced automated shades you can control from another location.

Kamir Blinds expert staff will help you analyze and plan your requirements and help you choose the best-automated shades for your home.

Fabric Type and Pattern

You may choose a fabric and pattern that suits the theme of your home or the specific room. Motorized shades come in different colors and patterns. The fabric type you choose should be conducive to the weather of your location.

Since South Florida gets a lot of sunlight throughout the year, it may be best to choose a fabric type that is not vulnerable to easy discoloration.

The fabric should be strong enough to withstand weather damage. Alternatively, you can also choose sheer fabric or partially sheer fabric if you want visibility or if your home has inadequate ventilation. Homeowners may even choose shades in technical and translucent fabrics.

Special Features

You may also find out what special features the automated shades for windows comes with. Modern brands design and sell automated window shades that even respond to the user’s voice. You can connect these shades to your home automation devices using an app. Also, Google Home or Alexa can even assess the outdoor temperature and position of the sun and adjust your shades accordingly.


It’s recommended you choose window shades that offer durability and practicality at affordable prices. Don’t compromise price over quality. High-quality shades will require minimal maintenance and will last longer.

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At Kamir Blinds and Shades Inc, we design and manufacture high-quality, automated shades for windows. You may find out more about our products by calling at 954-964-0610 or visiting our website.

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