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Automatic Window Shades Protect Your Surfaces and Furniture

Are you searching for automatic window shades? If so, Kamir Blinds can help! Automated shades and other automated window treatments offer several benefits. Homeowners can enjoy the convenience of controlling these shades from anywhere in the room with the help of remote controls or mobile applications.

The window treatment requirements of each home are different. The experts will measure your windows and study your home’s ventilation and lighting situation to create personalized automatic window shades for homes. Besides making your home look sleek and stylish, automated shades can also improve the durability of your surfaces and furniture.

Protection from Fading and Discoloration

Direct exposure to harsh sunlight is the most significant cause of discoloration of hardwood floors. South Florida residents get plenty of sun throughout the year, and UV rays can cause your flooring and furniture to discolor. Modern automated shades come with advanced features that can prevent these issues by linking them to specific smartphone apps to control your home automation devices.

Home automation devices like Google Home and Alexa can assess the position of the sun and the external temperature. You can preset conditions to allow the devices to adjust your shades based on these conditions.

Homeowners may not be present at home at all times. Stats show that over 86% of Florida residents work out of offices. You can control automatic window shades for homes even if you are not there. The app or your home automation device will shut down the shades or adjust them to limit the entry of sunlight.

Therefore, the exposure of your flooring and furniture to harmful UV rays is limited. Sunlight can even cause carpets to discolor. These shades come with light control and light filtration options.

Kamir Blinds Automatic Window Shades

Kamir Blinds and Shades Inc offers automated window shades in several colors, patterns, and fabrics. Learn more about our automatic shades and other window treatments by visiting our website. You may book an appointment with us by calling 954-964-0610

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